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    didnt see if mr oliver issued a manatory yellow for the hungarian goal celebration
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    3rd Game on the Line, Self Doubt After Games

    thinking over decisions is a good thing, at the correct time, during the game forget, any possible mistakes because you could miss an even bigger decision thats when you can let a game get away from you,
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    A funny incident, what would you do ?

    making it all about her very unprofessional,its a no from me
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    Euro 2020 Officials

    disgusting bobby madden or william collum not selected
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    Kids And Wearing Spectacles (Again!!)

    so you let little johnnie play wearing ordinary glasses because you dont want to be mr nasty referee then the little fella takes a full volly straght in the face, a piece of broken glass is embed in the eye causing blindness .do you still be a nice guy and let him play wearing real glasses hmmm , ,
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    Mass Con Approach

    in most cases i would be looking at the same card for both players
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    Rangers v Slavia Prague

    refreshing not to read blame the ref
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    B&D flip cards with Velcro

    ebay posssibly
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    Anyone else find it extremely annoying how uninformed non-referee's are on the LOTG?

    andy gray was a perfect example of ex players not knowing the rules.; no rules in football 17 laws
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    WBA vs BRI

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    WBA vs BRI

    i agree with your comments about lee mason but mr scott is a good referee imo
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    WBA vs BRI

    so is it john brookes
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    WBA vs BRI

    the second clip is more the build of the mr kirkpatrick i remember his autobiography is a good read
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    WBA vs BRI

    have our wonderfull tv commentators got it wrong 4th official replacing the injured lee mason hmmm is peter brookes i have seen john brookes, but i have never heard of peter brookes
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    WBA vs BRI

    just imagine the drama if this had happened on a public park. wont say im surprised