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    One of those games

    Not sure if this is the right section to post this in but basically what happened was yesterday I reffed an U16 game Reds v Blues. I’m one of those referees who lets quite a lot of physical contact go but I think yesterday probably just let too much go as almost all pushes and barges I just let...
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    WBA v Crystal Palace

    Always going to be given as a red in this day and age. Very similar to the Son one against Chelsea last season
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    Leeds Vs Wolves

    Very clear red card imo,the inconsistency in VAR is ridiculous. For example Son was sent off for something similar but Maguire wasn’t. And I remember in the Fa Cup at Arsenal v Leeds Lacazette wasn’t sent off for kicking out. Also on the whole thought Coote was poor tonight some strange...
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    Swansea v Brentford

    When I saw the challenge live in real time I immediately thought red but seeing it again not so sure as from one angle looks like a clean tackle but from another looks like he’s out of control so can see why Stroud went red. But he must have had some help from either the 4th official or the AR...
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    Bou v Cry P

    I thought possible red cards now warranted on field review?
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    Villa v Blades

    Surely Villa should do what Leeds did against them last season and let United walk it in
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    Italian Football Returns

    The shocking thing was that the referee originally gave a yellow card don’t know what he was looking at to only give a yellow
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    What got you into refereeing?

    Think I must be one of a few referees who never played football for a team before starting refereeing as never really had the confidence or ability to play for a team. Started at 14 first game was December 2018 and after a tough first weekend thought about packing it in. But gave it another week...
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    Level 6 promotion

    Know this is quite a few months away and football may not even be back. In October in turn 16 and was wondering if it would be possible to try and apply for promotion to level 6? But at the same time was thinking that it might be best to get some experience doing open age games before applying?
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    8 game ban

    Completely condone racial abuse on all levels but can’t be sure how the FA can ban Kiko without complete proof. Also typical FA timing right on the eve of a lunchtime Yorkshire derby.
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    Wolves vs Leicester

    Him and Oliver are by the far the best and have been for about two years now. Hopefully he has no plans to retire soon is consistently spot on with the big decisions.
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    Referee’s notebook/card holder/wallet

    Rucanor referee wallet work really well for me really solid wallet that doesn’t tear easily
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    15 year old ref

    Yes mate am also year 10 and do u14’s all the time so don’t see any problem.
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    U13 Abandonment

    One thing that I’d never have done is put myself between players in a mass confrontation as you could then become involved and end up getting injured
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    QPR v Leeds

    Referee was awful today not making excuses but didn’t help the course surely one official at least should’ve spotted Wells’s handball. Inconsistent with cautions no doubt about the red card disgraceful from Phillips but Cameron’s reaction also disgraceful the red card had been shown so don’t get...