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    Any buzzer flags for sale?

    Anybody selling, or know of anybody selling a set of buzzer flags? Pref touchline or evrocom, but will consider any others. Asking around for a mate - doesn't want to spend over £250 (tight arse is gonna find it hard!)
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    Dress Code: Sensible clothing

    It was a suit in the end! Why he couldn't had said that - or along those lines in the first place!
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    Dress Code: Sensible clothing

    Think thats what I will do if I hear nothing back.
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    Dress Code: Sensible clothing

    I had emailed him back this morning but yet to hear back. No phone number either.
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    Dress Code: Sensible clothing

    So game Saturday afternoon at a local ground - referee said Sensible clothing, no jeans or tracksuits. What would you wear? My last 2 games where there has been a dress code - I felt under dressed, as the others both had suits on. Was thinking of wearing a suit with a jumper underneath, so if...
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    Ref: Stories from the weekend

    Can a tech whiz pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee get it on youtube? :( Dying to watch it!
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    Second Semi Final

    Give me a FIFA badge this is my second game this weekend in Wales! ;) Anyway, was called up to my first ever semi-final line on Thursday - completely out of the blue! Today game, and was an ace game. Made up with my performance. Had an email from the RO this evening offering me another semi...
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    Academy Fixtures

    For those referees who do academies, or know their stuff about academies, how do you go about getting your fixtures? I used to do a local academy, but they were just friendlies every few weeks, but looking at getting into proper academy games with referees & AR.
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    FA badges

    A&H sell badges from the FA badges the cup final referees wear at wembley, FAMOA, County badges, EA Sports badges, National League, Football League and premier league badges. Individual and already done.
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    Referee Development Resources

    Does anyone have a link to any refereeing powerpoints to help with development? Whether it's on different topics or something along those lines, or does anyone have any saved? I can provide my email if that helps. Cheers.
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    Open Age First AR Game Tomorrow

    I was the same before my first AR game. Learn your signals, follow the second to last defender (thats including the keeper), or the ball. They say the 'best assistant referees follows the refs pre match instructions'. Do just that. As for outs, give each hand a colour (e.g Red vs Blue, Blue...
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    Nike Referee Kit 2017

    Anyone know if one will be released? If so, does anyone know round about when?
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    Whilst on this topic, if you were to apply for the double jump, and by any chance dont manage to get the 40 games in, or dont manage to reach the criteria, however you get over 20 in and meet the level 6 criteria, is there still a possibility of getting that level 6? Think the double jump is a...
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    Age at promotion?

    Can anyone summarise the leagues each level can do? Such as what leagues can a level 7 do compared to a level 5? What leagues can a level 4 do, and a level 3. I know about level 2a and 2b just interested in what the highest league the other levels can do.
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    Open Age My first red card...

    My first competitive one was a second yellow. Had my yellow and red card for when I show the second yellow in my pocket. It was absolutely freezing, fingers were numb and couldn't seperate the damn cards!! Plenty of people watching to as it was a delayed game and the team due on next, one of the...