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    Women’s Charity Shield Scott Red Card

    No one has said that every tackle with contact is a card.
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    Why take the game?

    I'm sure he's been in bother for this sort of thing before, either that or there is more than 1 Scottish MP who is also a FIFA referee. If I remember rightly he missed some votes to do a European game.
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    Metal caps on the goal line

    If the covers are in the hole so that the top is flush with the ground and there are no sharp edges etc then i don't think they would pose a risk. However if the tops of these covers were raised above the level of the ground, or there were sharp edges etc then that would be another issue...
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    SE Dons - DOGSO in a friendly?

    It's not a great camera angle, but it looks like the player is pulled back, so should be a red card.
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    A petition for improving grassroots football official's safety

    Legally speaking there is nothing to stop someone from rocking up at the beach and photographing and videoing whatever they want, the exceptions to this are things around anti-terrorism stuff like taking photos of sensitive locations, but even then the Police can't just turn up and confiscate...
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    A petition for improving grassroots football official's safety

    There are probably privacy issues depending on the country etc. While it is entirely legal to take photographs and videos of whatever you want on public land, i.e. the local park, I imagine many parents would take a dim view of a referee running around videoing their kids. You also have the...
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    A petition for improving grassroots football official's safety

    I don't see an issue with referees wearing body cameras, though I understand where rusty is coming from. If a player has already assaulted a referee then it's likely he'd happily keep going in order to get the camera. However, this is simply treating the symptom not the disease. If you want to...
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    Taking a knee

    I've not seen anything from my CFA about it, but if players want to take a knee then I'm more than happy to let them do so, providing I know in advance so that allowances can be made to ensure the game kicks off on time. Allowing players to take a knee might cause problems for the referee, but...
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    Undershirt rules at Sunday League level?

    I think most things have been covered, however if you tell your players to always assume the referee is going to be strict with under shirts, shorts and sock tape, that is they wear the correct colours then you will avoid a lot of problems.
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    Dislocated Knee

    Thanks all, still stuck with the big "cricket pad brace" on my knee, and assure from the occasional ache if not had too many problems. Unfortunately I've got to wait 2 weeks for my NHS physio appointment, which will be over the phone.
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    MLS is Back offside VAR review

    I think the problem with using technology for offside is that you are always going to need a human to make the final decision. You still need someone to decide where a player was when the ball was played, and whether a player was gaining an advantage from being in an offside position etc...
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    Dislocated Knee

    well, there I was in upto my elbows when the french rooster got loose and I slipped in a puddle of baby oil and tripped over the feather duster...
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    Dislocated Knee

    Rolled over and must have got my knee caught in the sheets or something. Not the most macho way of doing it
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    Dislocated Knee

    Thanks. They did an x-ray and there wasn't any damage, but I'm waiting for an appointment with the virtual fracture clinic. I'll certainly be seeing a physio though, I've never had any knee problems of any sort before so this was a bit out of the blue, it ended up being dislocated for about 4...
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    Dislocated Knee

    Thanks, they ended up getting the fire brigade out as I couldn't get down stairs due to the pain (I had a full bottle of gas and air and 3 lots of morphine) It must have popped itself back in during all the moving about.