2b and above fitness tests


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Hi RefChat team,

Does anyone have access to the fitness tests for 2b or above? I’d quite like to see what they need to do, also FL assistant



santa sangria

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I don't know what 2B is but I did the CODA, ARIET and 20m sprint in a test the other day (indoors for futsal).

First time trying the CODA. Target was the 10 seconds that seems standard, and I managed under 9. With lasers. And I'm 45 next week;)
The 20m target we had was 3.6 secs and I got a 2.90, which was nice.

The ARIET, just like the YOYO, is all about the mind, in my mind. Well, and good starts. We were given 15.5-3 as a a target so I did, erm, 15.5-3. Not helped by a brain-frt running one double sideways, warning, having to catch up etc. The FIFA target of 16.0-3 is within my grasp. One of young colleagues made the 19s, respect.

TBH I was chuffed and really enjoyed it. I just wanna do it again and go faster/further!