Blue cards ditched after widespread mockery

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The different colour card was the only really logical part to this. Scrapping sin bins in profesional football makes more sense to me
IMHO blue cards dafts and we already have the tools without sin bins and “we” do not employ them due to threatening behaviour and the general culture.

The bit I find crazy is:
…”and adjustments on the punishments surrounding handball, with a deliberate handball that leads to a penalty set to be punished with a red card.”

WTF DOG-H and DOGSO-H are already red card and penalty kick (in the area). I think the journos have probably misunderstood… bringing in a deliberate judgement for a 1 in a million edge case (deliberate HB in the box that is not DOG or DOGSO) seems nuts IMHO!
FIFA trying to use the opportunity to promote themselves, coming to the game's rescue as they were completely apparently unaware of the Blue Card notion. WALOFS
FIFA and IFAB rightly mocked for cannibalising the game. Don't need Blue Cards, don't need Sin Bins and don't need VAR to referee every KMS
Just need Confederations and Associations to grow some and instruct their Referees to abandon cowardly 'safe refereeing', clamp down on cheating and behaviour and start bossing games without cr4pping themselves about TV revenue