Clean boots anyone ?

Alex Rush-Fear

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At end of the day, you are being paid to referee the teams, having a clean and presentable attire helps to generate an aura of professionalism rather than someone who doesn't give a ****.

As you go up the ladder, you also need to arrive in shirt and tie for games and being well presented is required there as well.

I did a game on the line in my local supply league, the other AR pulled a pair of filthy boots out of a carrier bag and the referee told him in no uncertain terms that they needed to be cleaned prior to him going out of the changing rooms.
Some of the referees on that particular supply league turn up with dirty boots themselves :D:p


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Some of the referees on that particular supply league turn up with dirty boots themselves :D:p
Yeah, as A/R on some of those, I do keep my mouth shut, not going to pick that as something to fight on. Generally though, up the ladder it shouldn't happen that often. :O


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My late father, an ex-referee and assessor, would not let me leave the house until he'd inspected my kit and, in particular, my boots. If they were not up to his standards I would not be allowed to play. This only ever happened once and I never let it happen again. Normally, after a match, and there are shower facilities, I wash my boots at the same time I shower (having removed the laces and any excess mud etc., beforehand). Then, the moment I'm home the boots go into the airing cupboard to dry. The day before my next match, they are polished up, laces re-inserted, and I'm good to go. As a youth coach, I inspect my players boots and, if they are not clean, they are fined or made to do chores such as collecting the team kit after the game, and folding them up neatly ready for the launderette. First impressions are important.