Dutch Referee Blog - Week 29 Laws of the Game Quiz 2018-2019

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Question 3 - If the defending player 'touches' the ball with her foot only, is that not an IDFK?
No, if a player who requires the referee’s permission to re-enter interferes with play (in any form), restart is a DFK or PK (pg 51)



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Over the last few years they have changed almost all offences by 'non playing team members' to DFK from dropped ball or from IFK to make the game (and the re-balancing) fairer. These sort of offences were starting to creep into the game more and more as they were not sufficiently punished.
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In #1 is it acceptable or possble to YC for USB if the defender has e.g. Blatantly dived to handle the ball to stop it leaving the area?