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Sheffields Finest

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Level 7 Referee
1. Brazil beat which country 2-0 in the 2002 World Cup Final?
2. Which English football club was previously known as both 'Excelsior' and 'New Brompton'?
3. The Hawthorns is home to which English football club?
4. Which Liverpool defender won the PFA Player of the Year award in 2018-19?
5. Which English midfielder won 30 caps for his country, scoring seven goals? His injury record earned him the nickname 'Sick Note'.
6. Born in Glasgow in 1962, which midfielder won 73 caps for the Republic of Ireland whilst playing for Oxford United, Liverpool, Aston Villa and Crystal Palace?
7. Which English defender became the first to move between two English clubs for over £30 million in 2002?
8. Which German striker was known as Der Bomber?
9, Where was the first Archibald Leich stand built outside Glasgow?
10, Who is the Blades all time high scorer?
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