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A follow up to the thread I made about lack of observations.

My RDO has an observer free for a Saturday later this month. This is great but all the women’s leagues I can do play Sundays.

No issue, find Saturday league then? All the nearby ones (all two of them) have already appointed for that GW.

Maybe a supply league? Main county has already appointed it and the county next door only lets 6-5 or 5s do the middle (I’m having an observation under 5-4 criteria but okay)

It feels like, because the womens pyramid is so shallow in our area, it’s impossible for me to get this promotion without doing at least two levels of the men’s pathway first. Which 1. Shouldn’t be the case and 2. Is just beyond frustrating.

Just venting because this is all I need, my first observation went really well and I just want to at least do the other two so it feels like I get promoted or don’t on merit and not because I can’t get observers and games to line up.
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