Is 5'0 too short for a referee?

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You might have more to prove than someone at 6 foot etc.
Is that fair, indeed not, but, without wishing to bore on about the shirt tucked in thing, its the same senario, 2 refs, 1 promotion place, 1 is 6 foot, 1 is 5 foot and marks etc are the same. Sorry but 6 foot man is getting it everything , UNLESS you have something else in your game that makes you the better referee

Your mission is to find that something.
I'm fairly big (cat)
If anything, that makes me fair game to get lamped (over my smaller colleagues)
I have a referee that does HS and youth rec league games here, he just started out two years ago and has slowly eased himself into things here. BTW great advice on taking things slow. He is 5 foot 5 and probably around 140 pounds and he does very well. Every referee has a different makeup, stature, and demeanor which makes our profession so outstanding. He has not refereed nearly as many games that I have done but there is something that I admire about the man and can learn from. If you are a five-foot-tall man that wants to referee you WILL get the support from the referee team. I support you already. Im six two and my daughter is 5 foot 11 and we referee, and also agreed on it won't matter the size of your stature, nor the years you have put in, nor the level that you are at, you will always feel the heat and catch some crap.

Keep going and gain experience my friend.
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