My end of season review


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Level 3W Referee
First season going for promotion and dropping playing to focus on reffing. By far the most games I’ve ever done in a season and loved it, despite a 3 month break after the birth of my daughter.

7-6 promotion and 3w promotion currently with my CFA so just crossing fingers now 🙌

Had several county cup rounds including 4th on the women’s cup final, was a nice touch. Had a league cup semi final, a league cup final on the line and another as 4th. Had a league “final” in the deciding game between 1st and 2nd in the women’s county league, great game. Finished today with an u14 girls schools cup final, turned out as a cracker with a second half comeback to 5-5 and that team then winning on penalties. Great advert for grassroots game. That comes after nailing the fitness test last weekend.

That’s all amazing but the real highlight for me is seeing my growth thanks to proper observations and feedback from this forum. If I do end up achieving 3w I owe a huge amount to the members here so thank you! Hope you all get the appointments and promotions you want ☺️
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