Past Nottinghamshire FL Referees 1888 onwards


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Catchy title eh!

Through GU's excellent book I worked out there were just over 60 who would have qualified, but stumbled over a few more on the way.

A quality glossy paper production, with photos that haven't seen the light of day for quite some time. No cover fee, but a collection is being collated for the RNLI.

Pm me if interested. I had printed two hundred three weeks ago, and have sold seventy to date. All costs are met by me, so the RNLI will benefit in full. Pp is £2-41, so try to take that into account. Donations to date are all between ten and thirty pounds.

I know Howard's book may just have a little more pulling power, but I doubt he will have worked harder than I to produce the book that I am happy with.

It's rated on RTR ( the other channel), but not, alas, by Amazon :)

Get in touch if..

Steve H