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I'm just sitting in a pub watching the atlético game with a mate and half the team I've got on Saturday have walked in... hmm Hopefully all will remain good natured banter ... I can see 3 guys I've cautioned before ... maybe an early night would be better choice
I used to live in a regional area, so after a while I couldn't go out on the town without running into player I've refereed. Of course they'd recognise me; I wouldn't recognise them. 99% of the time it was all harmless, though there's been a few situations. One moron decided his time was well spent by following me all over the local stadium when we were watching the local professional team play, another threatened to bash me at the local nightclub.

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My wife and I were out in the local city at a metal gig (her fav band from when she was younger). Afterwards, we stopped at a pub on the way back to the railway station. The team I was refereeing the next morning walked in. I have some laughs and jokes with a few of the players who I have known for several years. The team Lothario thinks he's well in with the happy lady swigging pints in the corner. I walk over and he tells me my wife fancies him. She gives me that look that long time married couples have. I explain that's not the case and she usually eats three or four little boys like him for breakfast. His team rip him apart.

Next morning, he gets in my face during the game, so as I'm cautioning him, I tell him my wife says hello and that she could tell he'd be crap in bed just from looking at him. Cue more piss taking from his team mates. He was subbed soon afterwards. He never liked me after that.

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Most are absolutely fine, never had any hassle that i can ever remember, lots of banter, decisions, memories etc, lots of taking the p1ss etc, All good fun, no favours ever sought or generated either... All is fair in love and war,,,,, Come the game, always a clean slate,
Same here so many local clubs you can't take a piss without bumping into someone from a club, only ever had hassle once from an idiot (former paramilitary), but he was told to wind his neck in. Other than that never had a problem been invited to a few end of season awards nights etc and cue usual boos when I am announced but always in good humour.
I'm starting to get this now. Luckily it's been smiles and "high ref" in the shopping centre so far. It's a bit weird when attending kids activities and another parent is like "you reffed our game the other day" and I'm waiting to hear about some KMI.. oh no... is it coming... so far, nothing bad!

Weirdest is that a lot of of ref colleagues play and coach in various teams - a lot. So, it's unavoidable that you come into contact and disciplinary situations with other refs. As AR, getting screamed at by one of my fave refs, who was coaching, because of a ref decision - no my favourite and resulted in a strong public rebuke. Had a hand in a second YC for a young talented ref the other week. Hardest moment was a young beginner AR - I had given a penalty against her when GK the week before and ruined her clean sheet - took all my charm in he pre match to get her head out of that game. As we know on these boards, charm is a scarce resource;)


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There's now 2 boys in my son's u15 team that I have yellow carded! :D

One of them was last game of the u13s season, for blatantly kicking the ball away after an offside decision. Defender was about to take the free kick, forward ran 10/15 yards from behind defender, took the ball off the defender's foot, did a few keepy ups and then booted the ball back towards keeper. Easiest yellow ever! 2 weeks later my son started training with the same team having been recommended to them. My son did get asked a few times by his new team mates about "is you dad the ref who gave Ed a yellow card?" & "why did your dad book Ed?".

The other lad joined my son's team this summer, carded him last season at u14. Didn't like the award of a free kick against him for an OTT shoulder barge, protested innocence then booted ball away, another easy yellow.

Both kids now steer well clear of me when I watch my little man at training and matches!

Also had a few people walk upto me before/after games and say "hi ref, thought I recognised your face, saw your interview on Sky Sports News" (Got ambushed by Ian Bolton outside Stamford Bridge morning after Hazard scored PL title winning goal against Palace) :D
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I play with a couple of guys I sent off 3-4 years back.

No grudges at all, in fact, first day we were on the same team, the one guy came up to me and apologized for his behaviour in that last game, and hoped that it wouldn't come between us on the field of play as teammates.