Standard Misconduct Form


Wherever i downlad the standard misconduct form template then open the document i have noticed that there is not a C1 code for players.There is only 1C for misconduct for spectators......suggestions anyone..


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Try and use the Multi Caution Match Report Form, rather than the Standard Misconduct Form. That is assuming that you are attempting to submit your cautions?


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Still used to report one player, doesnt have to be multiple, just called that as you have the ability to do so.

Personally in the last few months ive gone over to using the Whole Game system. Hell of a lot easier
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I have used the Whole game system but i've found that i couldn't find U18 team concerned,then i found out on their website they are the "B" team just formed.So if i go on the Whole game system and find the team i will use it...but thanks


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WholeGame System - no paperwork to do, and London FA now no longer accept paper or electronic misconduct forms, WGS only.


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The FA have stated that all teams from all competitions are on there ...... Hence why it was down from Sunday through to Tuesday. And if they are STILL missing the just drop them a line to add team x on this league / cup and added in 30 mins. that you have to rgister the game beforehand means you can ensure it is there for when you do post match admin.