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You can make racist remarks without being a racist.
This describes my parent's entire generation. Mr B historically lived in my Dad's village (or within a few miles). Locally, he's renowned as a lovely fella. This is not true of one or two other ex-pros (NUFC) who also live locally
I feel for Beardsley. An illustrious career and an otherwise unblemished personality, has been deeply scarred by comments that seemingly intended no harm but but were uneducated in terms of today's expectations
I know this is a difficult subject to discuss, but he was a terrific role model until defamed by all of this
Not wishing to stir up ten pages of race related tittle-tattle, but I wanted to offer a character endorsement based on local knowledge from the NE

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Maybe I'm foolish, maybe I'm blind!
I believe a SUFC lady was implicated in a racial incident, it was one word against another, they found against her and levied football punishment. She retired from football still protesting her innocence!


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You can make racist comments purely to wind someone up because you know it does so not because you believe in what you are saying. It doesn't make it any better though. The punishment is generally for the actions and their implications, not for who/what people are or believe in.


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Please enlighten the unenlightened ZaZa
I think people of a certain age are used to talking in a particular way that isn't acceptable in the modern age.

And they will say things which aren't acceptable, or make jokes which aren't acceptable, but don't hate or discriminate against people because of their race.

However, as we all know with things like this, isn't not how it is intended, it's how it is perceived.

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Maybe I'm foolish, maybe I'm blind!
My Dad is 82, 100% old school, lives in USA, loves Trump, 🥴 racist views, yes, does he care, nope!
All of the above we’ve argued long and hard over, I’ll never change him, his views are from another era on race, colour, ethnicity.
I have 4 mixed race grand children who he loves but even that doesn’t change his long held dislike and who he blames for current issues!