The Referee - So no red cards in pre season games now?

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At times during Pre season games there's a bit more of a relaxed attitude. Situations are managed a bit more and if a players gets a bit out hand he is subbed. However there has to still be an element of credibility and if your going to go in like this during a game pre season or not you should still expect punishment!

All the blog posts I had seen on this and the video didn't show a red card. So I went looking for a match report. There didn't seem to be one on the Newport County site. However on the WalesOnline site there is a match report. I quote

But as Lee then worked his way across the field, Miller brought his run to a stop with a lunging tackle and the game was delayed for 10 minutes as medics attended him.
Miller, who was said to be distraught, was immediately replaced by Gary Warren and Lee was replaced by Robbie Blake.​
So if its a pre season game now we can sub a player for a challenge like that. Poor very poor.
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Ive had this a few times, pre season games are officiated the same as any game.
Ive sent players off in pre season manager asks cant we just sub them. I reply no, hes been sent off and massive arguments followed as previous refs allowed it.
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