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    First assessment 6-5

    i thought I was average and that my fitness wasn't where it needed to be. first of all I would like to congratulate you on a very impressive and polished performance. Your performance overall was consistent and you are clearly a competent referee for your level. Your application of law was...
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    possible misconduct report

    Hi, In my game today a few times after I had given a decision I was surrounded by at least 4 players from the same team questioning why I had given it. I had cautioned players for running half the pitch to do so. Would you also submit a separate misconduct report to highlight the issue to the CFA?
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    Last of my five games

    I had a game around 2 weeks ago where in the first 10 minutes there was a lot of dissent from one player in particular, needless to say he got cautioned. In the same half another player from the same team dicides to give a bit of verbals, nothing offensive, again he gets cautioned. In the...
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    Wearing a bib

    I had this from my CFA earlier in the season. I therefore am not even going to consider wearing a bib Hi It has been brought to my attention that certain referees have been wearing coloured referee kits in which to officiate. Just as a gentle reminder, that under The FA regulations, black is...
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    Possible extraordinary report?

    HI all, I had a match recently which i would like your views on. During the game I had a player who was consistently questioning my decisions and after using the stepped approach I cautioned the player. Later on in the match he challenged another of my decisions in which I reminded him that...
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    Motivational clip

    Here's another that was shown at a promotion evening I attended a couple years back
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    Important Refchat shop now open!!!

    are you getting any powertank pens anytime soon @Ross ??
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    Now a level 4

    Congratulations on passing the test Mike. Was it 2400 meters on a single running track in 12 minutes?
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    Hi All ...

    Welcome. If I were you I'd ignore @Ross as he is usually trying to sell you something from the store ;)
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    Life ban is unfair....
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    World Cup Sweepstake - with a difference

    Payment sent :)
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    Detailed match cards

    @micky2001 I can definitely say they are very useful for everything you describe as i was sceptical at first but now I wont go back to my old recording method.
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    Thoughts please

    Hi, Please could I have some thoughts on my first assessment and a potential mark from the assessors out there. 1. Application of Law Your early attendance ensured you carried out your pre-match duties efficiently. You were able to distinguish between the types of offences committed and...
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    Double jump

    Clearly my RDO thinks I'm good enough to do it or I wouldn't be doing a double jump from 7-5. I think I will spend a year at 5 before 5-4 but I will be seeking advice of others before making that decision. Im awaiting my assessment report and once received it will be posted on here for ideas of...
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    Double jump

    @svenny76 you need to indicate at the application time that you wish to do a double jump. You need to speak to your RDO/RDM if you with to do this as you need their support to do so.