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    Post Match Incident

    TBH this was aimed at the Spam Message inserted re foreign currnecy exchanges, not the OP or their request for advice.
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    Post Match Incident

    These new Ref's don;t arf have sum new ideaz eh?
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    Post Match Incident

    TBH you have 2 facts in your statement a) After you have blown the whistle to end the game and b) see a home team player complaining. Everything else is "heard", "Sounds Like" and "Apparently", which has no standing or grounding. Yup it happens, their problem not yours. If someone reports...
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    UEFA Referee Kits

    "UEFA requested tenders for new ref kits ...... Macron (plus others you assume) submitted their tenders, Macron have been awarded the contract. ......Macron are spruiking themselves as "Official UEFA Referee Match Kit Supplier" ...gaps filled.
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    Molten valkeen

    Nope - dot of superglue
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    Accusations of Impropriety

    Context: If he's a whinging bugger you can card him. YC or RC as you see fit - is it loud and clear for everyone to hear and indended offenseive, or passing comment as he's lining up for a set piece as you've probs just given a FK / OS against them and no-one else heard it. If you're looking...
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    Attacking Free Kicks

    Match out your 10, wait for the keeper to get them lined up so the last thing they hear is you - not you then forget it whilst moving about. Gents / Ladies, keep your arms down please, we're inside the box so a handball will be a penalty, OK? Thanks. Usually you're pacing from the FK to the...
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    Offensive player intentionaly inside the goal in a corner kick and comes to the playing area just as the corner is being kick.

    Within the goal, comes back onto the pitch as taken - as long as he is not offside if / when he gets / goes for the ball get on with it. Althoigh he's off the pitch, there's not exactly a lot of places he can go as he's confined inside the net. If he stays there and as a result of being in the...
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    AARs finally gone

    If you ever get to listen to either Howard Webb or Michael Oliver, yes they did, apparently.
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    Heddersfield v Citeh

    How's that then cos I can't!
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    Advantage & Protests

    There's no advantage in your defending third - FK just about every time, unless they're breaking and no attackes around them. There's probably more advantage from a set piece in the central third to get it into the box, so FK most of the time. Attacking third let them get on with it and bring...
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    Jewellery Again

    Womens football is a mine-field for this. Tell the coaches before to get it all off, jewllery check still find ear / nose studs, comes off or not playing. At Substitutions, still got this and that, coaches look at you as if you're making it up. It doesn't come off - oh well not my problem...
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    Cards, when to start?

    Probably the same time that you start applying LOTG.
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    Attacker and defender definitions

    so having ball on your own goal line having stopped it on the line, with 21 playes in the box coming at you - makes you the attacking team? I;d have thought that even possession in your own PA, you are still defending.
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    Attacker and defender definitions

    Definitions - Attack (in sport) make a forceful attempt to score a goal or point or otherwise gain an advantage against an opposing team or player. Defend (in sport) protect one's goal or wicket rather than attempt to score against one's opponents.