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    Second phase of play?

    Law 11.4: A defending player who leaves the field of play without the referee’s permission shall be considered to be on the goal line or touchline for the purposes of offside until the next stoppage in play or until the defending team has played the ball towards the halfway line and it is...
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    Man U v PSG

    No, he has deliberately attempted to block the ball with his body but has failed to do so and as a result the ball has hit his arm which is away from his body. A deliberate act on the part of the player has meant that the ball has hit his arm - he wasn't just standing there minding his own...
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    Man U v PSG

    I think the interpretation is that he has moved his arms towards the ball. He has thrown his whole body in front of the ball with his arms away from his body. If he hadn't tried to block the ball his arm would not have been hit by the ball so it is something that he has done that has resulted in...
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    Interesting one...

    Don't think it can be obstruction (aka impedes progress) as the players are all entitled to their position on the field. PIADM is an option as it is impossible for the opposition to reach the ball without endangering the opposition so analagous to sitting on the ball; but I think this is a...
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    Dwight Gayle...

    This is the biggest problem for referees - player goes flying in the penalty area and you know that it is trip or a dive but you are not sure. In many ways it is easier to give the penalty because then a least, if it's a dive, you are partly the victim of the deception and a lot of the anger of...
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    Not strictly TV

    Interesting decision from 12:00 onwards!!!
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    The 24th goal killed us...

    Leave my sister alone!
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    Can anyone confirm the actual colour this is??

    Same kit - it's the third kit; not sure if it's the same game.
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    Open Age Lash out off the field of play

    The OP specifically mentions taking a swing with the foot which results in a trip so arms are not involved and there is no "strike or attempts to strike". What has been described is eithera kick and/or a trip and so could be either red or yellow depending on the opinion of the referee.
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    Lee Probert

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    Lee Probert

    If you allow referees to use "common sense" and have regard for "the bigger picture" in these instances then you are setting them up for even more problems. As someone said above if one of the Glazers dies is it OK for Man U players to take their shirts off? What about a player who has had a...
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    Man City v spurs

    100% agree with this. I don't see it as an attempt to punch, strike or anything like that.
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    Clever Tactic

    It's because of this from last season.
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    Penalty procedure query

    I had the corner one in a game a few years ago. Fortunately one of the players shouted "don't touch it" to the kicker (just before he touched it) or I suspect I would have missed it!
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    Colombia - Japan

    Yes, but Kelly Cates is not just a fan, she is supposed to be an expert. It's not surprising that fans are confused when the "experts" come out with this absolute nonsense.