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Hi All,

Just a quick one for the observers of the group. I am considering going for 6-5 in the next promotion season. Do you (as observers) have any issues with me noting goals and cards on my watch through Refsix rather than writing it down physically? In other words, will I get marked down for it?



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I am an observer (assessor) but not from England. I would have no issues with it if I see it as long as it is as fluent and seamless as writing it down. But I have worked in the technology sector for the last 30 years.

The nature of the day and age is no one is going to say they have a problem with it or mark you down for it but I know a few old school assessors who wondn't give you any brownie points for it either.

I suggest if you are going to use it, make it look like you have been using it for years. It shouldn't take you any longer than it takes writing it down. No fiddling around with it. As soon as you press the wrong button and start making corrections, that is when you are going to lose the observer.


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The LOTG require the referee to keep a record of the game. I have doubts about using a watch but the biggest concern is taking the name of the offending player and not just his number.

As Law 5 specifies
Referees must have the following equipment:
• Whistle(s)
• Watch(es)
• Red and yellow cards
• Notebook (or other means of keeping a record of the match)
So it is behind the times, but as @one says DO NOT FUMBLE AROUND IN ITS USE.


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As other have suggested, it should be OK provided 1) you take a notebook onto the field as a backup and 2) you are able to prove to the observer that you take a player's NAME, not just his number. If he asks you who was booked after and you answer "number 4" rather than "Joe Bloggs", I think they have grounds to dock marks (if they're feeling particularly fussy)