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    Scott Brown! Agree?

    On a slightly different note, what's the AR doing coming in and grabbing a player to take him away? Not the wisest of ideas
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    Newcastle Penalty

    Keith Stroud has been dropped from his fixture this weekend.
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    Best ground / team reffed

    Best ground - St Andrews, Birmingham City Best Team - Manchester United U18's
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    Lee Probert

    He's been at Burton a couple of times this season. Good to see him back at the top after injury, yes I am fully aware the Pirelli Stadium isn't very glamorous
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    Schools County Football

    Cannot give schools football enough credit for my personal development as a ref over the last 3 years. I've officiated in 2 national finals and 2 international fixtures and have definitely learnt an awful lot. Yes, some of this has come from being in the right place doing the right game at the...
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    Trump is President!

    Maybe I didn't word what I was trying to say very well Rusty? It's time for the nations to unite (The US over Trump and us over Brexit) rather than people sitting with a bottom lip wobbler complaining that tbeu disagree with the result. Nothing positive will come out of either situation if the...
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    Trump is President!

    As SF points out, I found it interesting that Trump lost the 'popular core' yet still won the election as a whole. Just part of the voting system I guess. Personally could never bring myself to vote for him, with his character playing a large part in that alongside his political opinion. But...
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    Trump is President!

    Can't help but feel that Trump somewhat shot himself in the foot. He spent the 24 hours before the vote complaining about polling stations and has spent months saying the vote is rigged, and then he won.
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    Never get the urge to play again, and I'm only 19!! Packed in when I was 14 after leaving a football league academy and 9 months later was on a referee course. In the first couple of months after I stopped playing I missed it a bit but since I picked up the whistle I've never looked back.
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    Does anyone have any experience of being involved with the police due to an on-field incident? Got to give a witness statement next week, is what they expect any different to the report I sent to county FA?
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    Conflict of interest

    Had it twice last season. Appointed to a county cup match involving the team I used to play for and also appointed to a women's FA cup qualifying match involving Burton Albion and at the time I was an Albion season ticket holder. On both occasions I let county know and they were happy to leave...
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    is 26 to old to become a new ref

    Best place in the world!
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    FA CORE Programme

    We've got a session for county CORE this Sunday, not too sure what the age range is likely to be but we had an 'academy' last season which was just about full of younger officials and imagine it will be fairly similar this season.
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    Anybody else not looking forward to the start of the season?

    My "off-season" is lasting a total of 3 weeks, this week being the middle one. After the season I kept doing tournaments before I went to the Paris World Cup and now have just this week and next week before a 2 week academy festival, with my West Midlands season starting in the middle of that!
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    In or Out?

    It was in "--" for a reason Kes, studied AS Governemnt and Politics last year :D. A lesson being lectured on how far right and far left politics are essentially the same thing :rolleyes: