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    Reffing a match with a mic. Hear me during the game.

    Thanks for sharing. Some good parts we can learn from. Seems like you had a good match...unless you didn‘t show us the mistakes ;-) Maybe a bit far away for the penalty?- thought you sold it well though. Second yellow was for dissent?
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    Club Marks

    very helpful. thanks. I'm pretty conscious of and diligent with the off field stuff as I know that can have an impact - as in other parts of life. I didn't mention in the OP that I'm going for 4 this year so that's my driver to try to understand and improve them...As @Monotone Whistle said...
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    Club Marks

    Just got the banding for second half of the season. Extremely disappointing. In a season where I was promoted to 5 with two above standard observations I am in the bottom band for club marks. Granted it's only over 10 games as it was a Step 6 league I only joined in September and the marking...
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    Can only assume there is more to this and we are being fed half the information to make a point.
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    Chelsea v Burnley

    fascinating topic. I really don't see it as cheating (I mean in General, I didn't see this match). It clearly a tactic and the referee has tools to manage. Is walking to a throw in really that much different than passing back and forth in the defensive third or going to the corner? I know some...
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    Controversial in polish league.

    if the ball was removed it would be violent conduct / assault. The ball is there and he has kicked it well clear and caught the other player on his follow through - this happens and is often careless or reckless. "Studs were showing" is something we hear a lot from players but it's only part of...
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    Controversial in polish league.

    I'm with @Kes. It's not just "I got the ball", it's "as I kicked the ball I got the guy heading towards me at speed". It is quite literally careless in my view as he was only thinking about kicking the ball. Reckless disregards safety (I could possibly be sold on this) and excessive force - I...
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    Reporting after, and failing to sort on pitch

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    Fun game this evening.

    Marked down for positioning not AOL right?
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    :) had to laugh at this reply after the list @lincs22 gave.
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    Goalkeeper captains

    if the GK is captain always as for an outfield deputy at the coin toss - someone you can use in these situations.
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    Spurs v Man City

    Did Harry Kane just leave the fop without permission to go to the dressing room for treatment? :-)
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    Spurs handball ???

    Not every HB is a yellow (see long thread earlier this week) - but I think this is as it’s a shot and therefore promising.
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    Offside or deliberate play?

    100% deliberate by the defender
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    Exam evening

    the questions will not be as complicated as you find on the refereeing websites. it will be basic law questions. If you've read the laws of the game you will pass.