Bre v Ful


RefChat Addict
Unfortunately not got a clip to show, so this is purely a text version of this scenario....

Late in game, a corner is awarded to Brentford.
As usual, at corners, a lot of hustling for the space wanted and the referee stops restart to organise said stuff inside the area.
Corner happens and referee stops play about a second AFTER kick has taken.
He then cautions Calvin Bassey for an infringement that the referee was trying to stop in the first place, the pushing and shoving.

Now, my question is, why was a penalty not awarded then (he ordered the corner to be retaken) if he deemed Bassey to have committed a reckless challenge (to warrant a card) after the restart has occurred?

Again, sorry for lack of video to show context.
A&H International
Is this another case of the referee decides - not the whistle. The referee decided the kick could not commence but by the time he/she blows the ball is in the air. It happens.
Agree with everyone else. It is very rare the ref will award a penalty in these situations, and rightly so.